CEO Spotlight: Dr. Sheri Love

Sheri Love 01.jpg

Photography by Aaron Patton

If you’re a dentist named Dr. Love, you really want your patients to love their experience at your office.
    “I feel a lot of people avoid dentistry because of poor experiences in the past so their perception of it is skewed from what it should be,” said Dr. Sheri Love, owner of Love Dentistry, 1011 E. 21st St. N. in Wichita.
    With a curious mind and a heart for wanting to help change people’s lives, Dr. Love strives to educate her patients and help them achieve the results they desire. This ranges from discovering their fears, if they have any, to formulating the right treatment plan to create their ultimate smile.
    “Fixing a tooth is easy. Finding ways to correct poor habits is the goal,” she said. She wants to create each patients ideal beauty, strength and health.
    For example, she recently treated a male patient and assessed from the state of his teeth that he was an ice-chewer. Rather than just telling him that chewing ice causes dental problems such as enamel loss and eventual tooth breakdown, she explained why it is stressful for teeth. Chewing ice causes problems because not only is it a hard substance, but it’s freezing temperature causes teeth to undergo freeze-thaw cycles. This is an example of educating patients to know the “why” of their problems.
    Dr. Love has worked on a variety of dental problems ranging from routine biannual visits to restoring implants, designing veneers and full mouth rehabilitations. She has focused on cosmetic dentistry throughout her career.
    “I love helping change someone’s smile. I love helping improve someone’s confidence,” she said. 
    Quick to smile herself, she likes to help someone feel confident and raise their self esteem. She also likes being able to help someone find relief from dental pain ranging from toothaches to TMJ disorder. She’s done advanced training in occlusion – which is the dental term for physics of how the upper and lower teeth function and fit – through the Dawson Academy, which specializes in advanced postgraduate dental education.
    A Kansas City native, Dr. Love graduated from dental school in 1996 and moved to Wichita in 1999 due to an opportunity to purchase an existing practice in Wichita. In 2014, she opened her own northeast Wichita practice, investing in the latest technology available with the goal to make dental visits more pleasant and more convenient.
    With the technology she has in place, restorations such as crowns and bridges are completed in one visit, without impressions and without temporaries. With an intraoral camera as small as a typical dental instrument, a precise, virtual 3D image can be made of a patient’s mouth. With that image, a ceramic crown is then designed and milled on site in that same visit. Dr. Love’s team then become artists, applying finishes to the newly milled restoration to match one’s natural teeth. Only a handful of
     dentists in Wichita offer such an experience. This allows for fewer appointments which is especially convenient for busy moms and traveling businessmen.
    When Dr. Love opened her practice she had three employees. Now the practice has a team of 10. This summer, Dr. Michelle Somma, who specializes in implants and surgeries, joined the team.
Dr. Love’s goal is to offer personalized services to her patients.
    “The word ‘care’ has become overused, but we do care – we care that someone is hurting, that someone is anxious,” she said. “We work to earn a patient’s trust and we want to make this a good experience for them. Our patients are so relaxed, they fall asleep while we are working on a regular basis.”
    The practice offers various sedation options to help with relaxation during procedures. Other features to keep patients comfortable include memory foam cushion chairs, eye masks, blankets and aromatherapy.
    Love Dentistry offers free consultations for those contemplating cosmetic veneers, Invisalign (clear braces), and those suffering with TMJ pain. The practice offers free X-rays with a new patient exam and cleanings, as well as bite splints and sleep apnea/snore appliances.
    For more information, visit or call 316-712-5655.