Wichita Wears: Recycled Fashion


By Bonnie Bing - Photography by Aaron Patton

  If the term “recycled fashion” makes you think of purses made of license plates, sandals made from tires or fabric made of recycled plastic bottles, you’ve skipped an important step.
    When clothes, just clothes, designer or not, go from one owner to another, it’s in a green direction. Those fashions are being recycled. Call it pre-owned, pre-loved, pre-claimed, whatever, but the fact remains, you’re being good to the earth, not to mention your wardrobe and those of others. It’s been said the average person throws away between 80 and 100 pounds of clothing every year.
    Fashionistas everywhere dream of great buys on designer fashions that are approximately one third the price of what they would be in a retail store. 

Fashion Director ,Bonnie Bing; Editor, Scott Elpers; Photographer, Aaron Patton; Stylist,
Sara Hobson; Hair & Makeup, Melissa LaRue; Location, Aaron Patton Photography. 

Models: Taylor Perry, Jade Trisdale, Alexandra Williams, Shelby Womack
of Models and Images, and Rebecca Prochaska