Wichita Wears: Boys of Summer


By Bonnie Bing - Photography by Aaron Patton

For several years now people in the fashion industry have insisted the only rule is there are no rules. Truth is some people are still following rules from long ago.
    Taking a closer look, however, slowly but surely even the guys are breaking the rules. This year in menswear you’re going to see guys wearing sport coats with Bermuda shorts, short shorts swimwear and some mixing of prints. 
     Before you start shaking your head and saying, “Nope, that won’t happen,” take a look at the ripped jeans look that we’re so used to now, the no-socks look with suits, and tennis or running shoes with everything.
      If you’re not ready to push the trend envelope, no worries. There are plenty of the warm weather classics to choose from. The good news is, whether it’s a classic piece or a trendy addition to your wardrobe, it is available in a wide price range.
      But rules or no rules, the best part of a hot summer is looking cool.