My Favorite Space: Anne Garvey

If ever there was a house that matches the owner’s personality, it is Anne Garvey’s east-side home. The cottage is tucked back from Douglas Ave. next door to the very large house she grew up in.
    “This was Granny’s house. I used to ride my horse out there,” she said, pointing to where the track is for The Independent School.
    Anne asked her mother, the late Jean Garvey, if she thought it would be all right for her to live in her grandmother’s house. 
    “She said she thought it was a good idea, so the next thing I did was come in and gut the place,” Anne said.
     Colorful would be one way to describe Anne’s decorating. Eclectic would be another. It all comes together to be a fun place to sit and look at the many things she collects and her many keepsakes.
     Although she says she “moves things around a lot,” her favorite chair where she loves to sit doesn’t get moved much. Anne enjoys sitting, sometimes reclining, and looking out to a deck and a wooded area. 
    “The view changes with the seasons but it’s always beautiful,” she said. “I love the natural light, so I have to have big windows.” 
    Her comfy recliner covered in floral fabric is where she likes to read, meditate, doze a bit and occasionally watch television. But the TV is hidden in a cabinet and comes out only when she is going to watch it. 
    “I hate technology. I hide it,” she said. 
    She doesn’t hide her collection of kaleidoscopes.  They hang in the windows and even from a chandelier. “That’s so people taller than me at five-feet-two-inches don’t hit their heads,” explaining the ones dangling from the chandelier. “I like them. My life is a kaleidoscope,” she said chuckling.
    Keeping watch behind her chair is a wooden statue to which Anne has added multicolored lights. “She is Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. It’s from Thailand,” she said. “I’ve had her for years. She has moved with me many times.”
    Her dogs, Lovey and Willard, seem very comfortable in the room of lime green, pink and countless other colors. Willard sometimes sits in the chair with Anne. Lovey is too big, but both are usually nearby. Seems that corner is their favorite space too.
    Near the giant picture of the Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz that is on the ceiling is a sign over the door. Anne calls attention to it as guests leave. “Do good and care not to whom.”