My Favorite Space: Polly Gentry

Polly Gentry - Community volunteer, artist, wife and mother - can’t wait to get home to her favorite chair after a long day. She leans back and takes a deep breath. Immediately her dogs, Lady and Hank, are at her feet. 
    “I love to sit here, and my husband Jeff sits right here,” she said pointing to the end of the couch.  
    The spacious area is open the kitchen. From her comfy, box-shaped chair she can see through the large windows to tall trees, a pond and their flagpole.
    “The flag is always up and we light it at night,” she said. “It’s very pretty and when the moon rises over the dip in the trees tops it’s just beautiful.” 
    Her favorite objects close by are family pictures and a crystal jaguar, an ode to the mascot for Andover Central, where her children attended high school. On the fire place mantel sits 26 tiny characters from India, enclosed in a frame. Getting them took some research and time to collect, but “I love them all,” she said.  
    An enormous, colorful painting by Australian painter, Kerry Armstrong, brings Polly even more joy as she sits in her favorite space.